Wisconsin Supreme Court Decisions 2020. The Wisconsin Court System protects individuals' rights, privileges and liberties, maintains the rule of law, and provides a forum for the resolution of disputes that is fair, accessible, independent and effective. The recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision related to shoreland zoning standards will have strong implications making it difficult for waterfront property owners to develop their property at reasonable densities while still complying with regulations designed to protect water quality and natural scenic beauty. Justices faced political battles over partisan and racial gerrymandering and the Trump administration’s plan to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The opinions published on Justia State Caselaw are sourced from individual state court sites.These court opinions may not be the official published versions, and you should check your local court rules before citing to them. Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote a blistering dissent that says the issue before the court is not whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden won the presidential election, but whether the election itself followed Wisconsin’s election laws. It was reportedly a 4-3 decision: The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a 4-3 ruling, says it will not hear a lawsuit from the Trump campaign which hoped to … The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear President Donald Trump’s lawsuit alleging widespread voter fraud in the state’s presidential election. Democrats and the media are completely… The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued 50 decisions in its 2016-2017 term, 1 25 civil cases 2 and 25 criminal cases. Find the Supreme Court review HERE. The decision to punt on the case had the other conservative justices on the Supreme Court fuming. President Trump was winning in a landslide on Election Day but that changed after Democrats dumped 143,379 illegal ballots at 3:42 in the morning for Joe Biden. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has overturned the state's stay-at-home order, ruling it "unlawful" and "unenforceable" in a high-profile win for the state's Republican-led Legislature. Court of Appeals opinions. Twelve of these decisions were unanimous without concurring or dissenting opinions. The Supreme Court denied motions to expedite the post-election cases, which include three Trump-led lawsuits challenging the election results in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Supreme Court opinions. The president’s legal team asked the Supreme Court for an expedited review of the matter before Congress meets to certify the Electoral College’s vote results on Jan. 6. “Regrettably, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in their 4-3 decision, refused to address the merits of our claim. The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday rejected one of Donald Trump’s final attempts at overturning the 2020 election results, leaving President-elect Joe Biden’s victory untouched. The Wisconsin Court System protects individuals' rights, privileges and liberties, maintains the rule of law, and provides a forum for the resolution of … But the court’s narrow 4-3 decision may very well have gone in the president’s favor if a liberal challenger hadn’t managed to oust a Trump-backed incumbent justice for a seat on the bench several months ago.