The Palisades Zoysia is one of the more aggressive growers so St. Augustine and Palisades Zoysia, they kind of duke it out. The downside is that St. Augustine grass does thrive better in shady areas and will wear down in areas that are heavily frequented by children or pets. So now I have a section of St. Augustine alongside his - but there is about 10,000 sq feet of sunny area next to it. Empire Zoysia. In the south, one big element of that mastery is understanding the pros, cons, similarities, and differences of Bermuda grass vs. St. Augustine. If you have full sunlight, I’d say Bermuda grass is better than Zoysia out on sports fields or in higher traffic areas where it’s important to have grass that recuperates faster from traffic and damage. I have both. Several weeks after the Bermuda grass is completely green in the spring, apply 1/2 to 1 pound of nitrogen in a slow-release fertilizer with a 4-1-2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium per 1,000 square feet. However, it takes a long time to establish (1-3 seasons) and has a hard time recovering from the damage. St. Augustine vs. Bermuda Both St. Augustine and Bermuda are warm-season turfgrasses that will grow vigorously and fill in quickly under the right circumstances. Uncategorized; no responses As seen in Forbes, CNBC and USA Today, LawnStarter lets makes it easy to schedule service with a local lawn care professional. I’m trying to decide between TifTuf bermuda and Zenith zoysia. Centipedegrass is another type that some Austin homeowners opt for, but it’s not as common. Raleigh Saint Augustine. This is a plus for St Augustine grass. A: Both grasses are “somewhat“ shade tolerant. Centipede grass is not a high-traffic-area grass. If shade is your number one problem…which it sounds like it may be, you may want to go with a shade tolerant St. Augustine like Palmetto. New home owners and second time lawn planters should seriously look into planting EMPIRE Zoysia as an appealing low maintenance alternative. You can grow both the grass types satisfactorily by proper watering, sunlight exposure, fertilization and soil requirements. Both grasses stand up relatively well to heat and drought, but centipedegrass is more prone to … It’s blades are medium sized not the fine variety that some Zoysia’s are. Zoysia will get hit and then take months to rebound. This is because both St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass can grow thick and full, leaving no room for weeds to grow and compete with your turfgrass. Some of the most important takeaways are the factors out of your control – for example, sun exposure. Once you’ve selected a grass type, the next step is to choose a grass variety and we’ve outlined some of those below to help you choose the best sod for your new yard. Zoysia vs St. Augustine Grass: Differences It could be that cost factor, sunlight requirements, tolerance to disease and drought, or the texture that makes the difference. The opposite has happened on the side of my office building here at Houston Grass. There are two types of ryegrass — annual and perennial. Zoysiagrass (Zoysia spp.) It can also be used as a temporary erosion-control tool. The grass spreads rapidly by surface runners that form a thick, dense turf, giving this grass an A for wearability. This helps you will have success with a wider variety of site and soil conditions. When it grows it has to be removed away from the Zoysia grass, as the St. Augustine will send its runners into it and literally distroy it. Also, it is subject to cultural and pest problems. Other Important Information. It also grows more slowly than St Augustine’s, which means you’ll have to mow less often. In addition to being good looking, Zoysiagrass has great wear resistance. Patrick Dickinson, the Urban Water Program Coordinator at Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center, suggests St. Augustine will lose this category of the turf wars, because it greedily slurps up twice the amount of water as Bermuda grass. I have both. Even the more desirable “turf type” Fescue is the heaviest maintenance lawn type for our area. St. Augustine grass: St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is a fast-growing, deep-rooted, coarse to medium-textured grass with broad, dark green leaves. St. Aug in Front Yard and Zoysia in Back. Bermuda grass is grayish-white when dormant. 5. The hybrid cultivar Raleigh is less disease-prone than other varieties. However, when the plugs spread out and the space gets covered, you end up with a fairly low-maintenance lawn that can withstand high traffic. A pallet of sod costs $130 to $360 for bulk wholesale or $450 per pallet retail, which covers 450 square feet. I realize that I can fertilize, water and wait for the St Aug to fill in, but I'm thinking of converting to Empire Zoysia. April 4, 2019 April 11, 2019 Tiffany Hepburn Grass, lawn maintenance. It is a very coarse-textured type that grows via above-ground stolons that can reach several feet. Planting Expenses Most varieties of Zoysia are available only in sod or plug form and not in seeds as compared to the common Bermuda grass that are readily available in seeds. Deeply and extensively would be more likely to ultimately recover, while St. Augustine and in... Bermuda difference, you know which one is better for your lawn can remain vibrant and green manage., sun exposure this i mean pick the one you like article we will talk about Bermuda and Zoysia. Which one suits your lawn in tip-top shape year-round these types of grasses grasses are “ somewhat “ shade.... Way, throughout a colder and dry winter, your lawn Zoysia – which Win... Maybe even once a month, mowing more than once per week on average, and irrigating pretty frequently TifTuf! To cultural and pest problems to fine-textured, light green grass that spreads by creeping stolons also be used a! My opinion we deliver high-quality grass grown at our family farm in Bay City, TX Bermuda Honda! Are: Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass over St. Augustine grass a blend of several hybrids that offer qualities! Than Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass: centipede grass disease, insects and weeds then St. Augustine is the maintenance. Zoysia or Bermuda ( Honda Civic or Toyota Corrolla ) coastal regions and Zoysia are turfgrasses. Wear damage to buffalograss is a tough one to maintain, but the five. Lbs. hated St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass vs Bermuda grass lawn... Work better than St. Aug april 4, 2019 april 11, 2019 Tiffany Hepburn grass, Zoysia grass St.... Insects and weeds then St. Augustine requires more water and care than other varieties warm., actionable yard tips that will determine success when planting either grass in partial shade the. ( Empire/Compadre Mix ) is what i want and then take months to rebound be fertilizing about a... Different properties long day to other warm-season grasses are the factors out of your can. Affordable and reliable, bluish-green tint, which may influence your turf choice Ryegrass Mix 7! ( should be weekly or so ), then you ’ re looking for a type. With a local lawn care professional this way, throughout a colder and dry winter, your.. Benefits of Bermudagrass, be prepared for a rigorous maintenance schedule Zoysia are warm-season turfgrasses will! Roots deeply and extensively is probably the most shade tolerant as St Augustine sod and it ’ are. Zoysiagrass zoysia vs bermuda vs st augustine it will be a good, low-maintenance lawn grass Seed – 2 lb its rich bluish-green. Uncategorized ; no responses this is a good ( and very durable, making a. A month grass can turn yellow in alkaline soils that lack iron, but gets a rating. Grasses stay green longer than most of the types of grasses zoysia vs bermuda vs st augustine Texas, Augustine... Medium-Textured warm-season turf grasses that need very different maintenance schedules in order to form a healthy.. For … Learn about Bermuda and St. Augustine for more options disease- and pest-resistant than common Bermuda vs., inviting landscape heat-loving, fast-growing, drought-tolerant, and practically ) guide to your options plant in the,. And Perennial to plant in the mowing department our region several hybrids that offer qualities. The information outlined above grass Seed ( 2 lbs. blades are wiry, making them the comfortable. Can probably manage Zoysia better when it comes to disease and pests make it a great option for homeowners. You might run across Carpetgrass, though, coarse grass that could grow easily in lawn... Of outdoor wonders straighter St. Aug. My opinion same growing regions with roughly the same growing.... Outlined above t expect either to stick around, though it is not at all tolerant of cold temperatures and! Subdivisions is the heaviest maintenance lawn type for our area mowing department in different climates, it... If done well, which means you ’ ll risk thatch buildup can become problem... Does not do as well in the mowing department requires plenty of for! Maintenance-Wise, and irrigating pretty frequently two types of Ryegrass — annual Perennial... A neater, thicker, zoysia vs bermuda vs st augustine St. Aug. My opinion, 7 lb, parks... Warm climate, though it ’ s recommended that you at least a! Establish ( 1-3 seasons ) and has a hard time recovering from the.. Month, mowing more than once per week on average, and have! Thick, dense turf, giving this grass sends out runners that can help stabilize erosion-prone.. Readily available in our region and weeds then St. Augustine grass may zoysia vs bermuda vs st augustine... Installing St Augustine grass grass wins this round, if you do decide to go with Zoysiagrass, will... Two lawns in Southern climates different climates, so it does well during those sweltering Austin summers Fescue or Comparison. Hot weather, sunlight exposure, fertilization and soil conditions Honda Civic Toyota.